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Installation & handling

Your artwork is important to you and so are the spaces you choose for it. By choosing an experienced art installer you can relieve your concerns about the placement and security of your art. At Cornelius & Company, we have the skills and practice for installing single pieces or large groupings of art with deliberate, secure, and well-measured results. Your art is as important to us as it is to you.

Spotting and Placement

We are happy to demonstrate how your artwork would look in multiple locations and at various heights.  Sometimes clients indicate locations and we place and hang the work on a standard centerline.


We transport your clients’ art options from suppliers. You can tell your client about the art, while we show it. Once the client selects, we deliver pieces per your request— to a framer, a storage location or back to the supplier. 

Secure-mount option

When you are serious about deterring theft, you can choose secure-mount hardware. We will install the appropriate secure-mount hardware to the artwork, and the artwork to the wall. 


You can be sure that your artwork is in safe hands when you choose us to move it. Please contact us to discuss your transportation needs.

Some recent examples

Residential move                                               Lincoln, Vermont

A landscape architect moved into a new home. We installed 16 pieces of fine art including framed prints, canvas’ and one tile mosaic. Services provided included assistance with placement, new frame hardware, ladder use and installation.

Museum Exhibitions                                  Middlebury, Vermont

We collaborate with the Gallery Director and Media Producer to install quarterly exhibitions in this gallery space. Services provided include placement assistance, new frame hardware, gallery rod and traditional installation.

Corporate move                                            Colchester, Vermont

We teamed with an artist, a print publisher, a framer, the property manager and the in-house architect and installed six new canvas’ and eleven framed prints. Services provided included: Pick-up and delivery, placement, new frame hardware and installation.