About Me

Cornelius and Company founder Jake Cornelius is a seasoned art installer who is passionate about bringing artwork to a range of audiences through his practical, professional and efficient approach to art installation. Jake was born and raised in upstate New York and lived in the American South and in Europe before choosing to return to New England to raise his family in Vermont. 

After five years as a fine art installer in Atlanta, Georgia, with Axis Fine Art Installation, he moved abroad to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.  He received his BA from Franklin University Switzerland and then earned his MLIS at the University of Wisconsin. Jake now offers his expertise to curators, designers, artists and all others who strive to create spaces that inspire the people in them. 

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Jake Cornelius, owner of Cornelius & Company, LLC to install photographic-art prints for a commercial client relocating to a brand new high-priced office space. Jake was prompt to our scheduled appointments and his installation skills highly professional and exact.
As a Vermont-based professional photographer, one of the most anxiety provoking tasks I encounter is clients asking me to install pieces they’ve purchased. Additionally, there’s a wide variety of hanging devices including complicated anti-theft and security products. Jake’s many years of industry experience installing expensive art pieces gives him confidence to take on every project and solve complex installation requirements.
Jake has a great “eye” too. He was completely comfortable working with my client as she made ad-hoc creative decisions about where pieces should be installed for pleasing visual appeal, balance and presentation impact.
I eagerly look forward to working with Jake and Cornelius & Company on future projects.”


“Jake is always well-prepared and he really knows what he is doing when it comes to handling and installing artwork . He is hard-working, dependable and a team player. ”